CJ Designs helping make a 3 month Africa Journey a little more comfortable!

Thank you Wouter for allowing us to follow along on your journey.  Congratulations on your return home!
Meet Wouter, from the Netherlands.
Date left: 31 october 2011
Date Returned: 28 december 2011
Traveled from: Capetown in South Africa
Traveled to: Kenya through Swaziland, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and then back to Tanzania (Dar es Salaam) from where i had to travel back to The Netherlands because of a ruptured rib and a stomach infection. My fellow traveller (Rene) drove back to South Africa through Zambia and Namibia.
Bike year/ make/ model: I drove an orange KTM 950 Adventure (2004), Rene drove a black KTM 950 Adventure (2005)
How many miles total traveled on trip: myself around 10000 k’s. Rene did 16000k’s.
Any other cool info about the trip.
Well, we started with 4 guys (foto) in South Africa. Two of us planned a short trip and Rene and myself wanted to make a round trip and finish again in South Africa. We shipped our Dutch bikes to Capetown and started from there. We have a blog with many many pictures: http://africa-bikeadventure.blogspot.com
My bike updates:
SAS Removed
– Wings NOS Titanium exhaust
Sidestand relocator
– Cameltoe sidestand plate
– EXCEL Rims
Heidenau Scout tires (mine did 10000k’s with luggage!!)
ROX Riser with CJD Clamp plate.
CJ footpeg extensioners
– Hyperpro exhanced front suspension.
– Touratech GPS holder
– GPS Garmin GPSmap 78S with Tracks for Africa and Garmin Africa-card
– Weld83 bashplate
– Adventure Machines carburator settings for prefilter and open exhaust.
– Uni prefilter
– Fuelfilter with 90 degrees angle
– Dr Bean fuelpump enhancement
– Scottoiler with lubetube for KTM
Asking for directions looks to be the same no matter where you are.
Friendly Hello
Product Reviews
Foot-peg extensioners ============== We’ve used the normal sized peg-extensioners on both KTM’s. I really have to say, they are awsome. We bought the orange ones. You have to spend a lettle time to mount them, but when they are mounted, they are really unbreakable. Btw, they mount perfectly. We had some hard crashes, and after all those fall’s they still were as solid as a rock. The most important thing was the positive effect on the comfort. When you are driving 500k’s each day, and a lot of dirt-roads, then it’s a very safe feeling that you don’t have to look after where you put your feet. It doesn’t matter where you put them, they are always on the pedal. So, they are really worth the money. 

ROX risers plus CJD clamp plate =================== A must have for the long offroad drives when you are longer then 1.70 meters. I used the lowest version of the risers, because you don’t have to extent the cables. Mounted with the orange CJD clamp plate, they are a very, very cool design of your “cockpit”. The quality is also very good. After a crash at 90km/h, where the bike took a few roll-overs, the clamp plate and the risers were undamaged.   Wouter
Many safe travels and thanks again,

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