Spring TransWisconsin Adventure Trail Ride; t-24 days!

We are really excited for this year’s Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail Ride!  This year we have 12 riders attending this event.

So, what’s the scoop with this ride? The Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail (affectionately abbreviated to the TWAT ride) is a 540+ mile ride across Wisconsin.  A few of our good friends put together a connecting route between the South and North parts of the state.  Over the years, we’ve added our own favorite trails.  You can find the published TWAT ride here: http://www.lonewolfexpeditions.com/twat.html.   This ride has evolved into an annual event at CJ Designs, with this year being our 3rd Spring ride.  We’ve also done 2 Fall rides.  The great thing is, there are so many trails and cool things to see/do/ride in Wisconsin, that the trip is a little different each time.

This year, our ride will be a little longer than previous years; 5 days. The route will be about 1400 miles.  Our rough itinerary is as follows:

1. Milwaukee to Black River Falls

2. Black River Falls to Drummond

3. Drummond to Manitowish Waters

4. Manitowish Waters to Lakewood

5. Lakewod back to Milwaukee

This year, we also have a large variety of different bikes represented during this ride.  It will be good to get an idea of how different types of bikes handle this terrain.  The bikes/riders are as follows:

Craig- WI – KTM AWD 950 ADV S or Christini AWD 450 DS
Wayne- WI –
KTM 690
Bo- WI –
Matt- WI –
SUZUKI 650V-strom
Dave- WI –
Matthew- OH –
Dan- IL –
KTM 690
Jeff- WI –
KTM 690 / 950 ADV
Bob – WI –
KTM 530
Nick- WI –
Joe- WI –
Jim – WI – KTM 450

We’ll keep you posted with some of the places we’ll be visiting and some of the maps.


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