Rescue Tape to the Rescue!!!

Earlier this season we offered a Special Promo to our customers including a FREE roll of Rescue Tape on all qualifying orders to help spread the word of a NEW product we stock.  RESCUE TAPE INFO

Now that the riding season is under way we got our first report of this Product in ACTION to help save a ride.   Please enjoy the Report and Pictures below from Edward.

“Hi Craig,

Thank you for the roll of Rescue Tape!  It came in handy on Saturday morning.
This past weekend we did over 1000 miles offroad in some of the most desolate regions of the US in the far north west corner of Colorado and eastern Utah.
Some pics from where we were to give you an idea of the desolation:
At one point we were heading north on a two track 160 miles from the next fuel station (and 30 miles from the nearest road) when one of the guys on a Husqvarna TE610 had his right radiator tube split and start spraying radiator fluid in his face.
The split hose:
When we pulled the hose off.. it split even further (over an inch and looked like it wanted to keep going).  I cut off a 6 inch long piece of Rescue Tape and wrapped the hose like you would with electrical tape.. pulling and stretching the rescue tape as I went.
Reapplied the hose and the hose clamp and it was sealed.
400+ more miles off off road riding in the next two day without another drop leaked.
“Now that’s a happy rider!”
Cheers and thanks,
Safe travels Edward,  I sure miss those great views.
You can see more of Edward’s great pictures from this ride HERE.
If you want a Roll for your next Trip, please send an email.
We are heading to Canada next week on our own camping trip and you can be sure to find a few rolls in my bike…. just in case.

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