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Spring TransWisconsin Adventure Trail Ride; t-24 days!

Posted in CJ Designs Events on April 22, 2012 by kjkalfas

We are really excited for this year’s Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail Ride!  This year we have 12 riders attending this event.

So, what’s the scoop with this ride? The Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail (affectionately abbreviated to the TWAT ride) is a 540+ mile ride across Wisconsin.  A few of our good friends put together a connecting route between the South and North parts of the state.  Over the years, we’ve added our own favorite trails.  You can find the published TWAT ride here:   This ride has evolved into an annual event at CJ Designs, with this year being our 3rd Spring ride.  We’ve also done 2 Fall rides.  The great thing is, there are so many trails and cool things to see/do/ride in Wisconsin, that the trip is a little different each time.

This year, our ride will be a little longer than previous years; 5 days. The route will be about 1400 miles.  Our rough itinerary is as follows:

1. Milwaukee to Black River Falls

2. Black River Falls to Drummond

3. Drummond to Manitowish Waters

4. Manitowish Waters to Lakewood

5. Lakewod back to Milwaukee

This year, we also have a large variety of different bikes represented during this ride.  It will be good to get an idea of how different types of bikes handle this terrain.  The bikes/riders are as follows:

Craig- WI – KTM AWD 950 ADV S or Christini AWD 450 DS
Wayne- WI –
KTM 690
Bo- WI –
Matt- WI –
SUZUKI 650V-strom
Dave- WI –
Matthew- OH –
Dan- IL –
KTM 690
Jeff- WI –
KTM 690 / 950 ADV
Bob – WI –
KTM 530
Nick- WI –
Joe- WI –
Jim – WI – KTM 450

We’ll keep you posted with some of the places we’ll be visiting and some of the maps.


What is it like to live with CJ?

Posted in General on February 26, 2012 by kjkalfas

I get to hear comments like this all day…

“I should build a nuclear-powered KTM 950.  I suppose, though, the weight you’d save in fuel would be replaced by lead coated gear and bike parts.”

Yes, I suppose so.  Weirdo.  Gotta love it- I wish I had that kind of creativity!



Tech Weekend- get ready!

Posted in CJ Designs Events on February 26, 2012 by kjkalfas
Joey is flying the 950!

We are working hard here to get some good stuff going for events at CJ Designs this summer.  I found this picture (photographer: Matthew Fehrmann) of Joe Jancoski, our local guru.  Joe has been doing rider training for the past 2 years, and he does a super-swell job at it.  Not only can he teach fabulously, but he can ride the heck out of that KTM 950! 

This year’s tech weekend is scheduled for July 26-29.  You can email me ( to register.  Please check out the website events page ( for more information.

Also, check us out on facebook to see a video of the Tech Weekend 2011.


Posted in General on February 25, 2012 by kjkalfas

Both Craig and Katie from CJ Designs are now members of the LinkedIn community.  So… if you are on LinkedIn, look us up!

Klim Blog Review

Posted in Product Updates on February 25, 2012 by kjkalfas

I know, this is perhaps old news, however just wanted to repost the blog entry from Klim’s blog regarding CJ’s testing of the new Badlands Pro Jacket and Pants.

One observer at Klim remarked (upon getting the prototypes back from CJ for inspection), CJ’s used suit was quite funky after this 2 month, 17,000 mile trip.  I am sure it had quite an odor; just come to our house to take a whiff of the stairway down to the basement where our jackets are hung.  Any suggestions for odor control???

Anyways, check out their blog post here:

We have NEW (and non-funky) Badlands pants and jackets available @ CJ Designs to try on!

Check out the new links

Posted in Uncategorized on February 21, 2012 by kjkalfas

Check out some of the new and updated links on the right side of the page.  I’ve added in some new cool pages to check out and updated some of the others.  Interesting is the Christini AWD site.  Check out those bikes!

Good times

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on February 20, 2012 by kjkalfas

I was just looking through some of the photos from Alaska and came across this one.  One thing that I have always enjoyed a lot about bike trips is coming to the campsite and hanging out around the campfire.  Especially fun with some good food on the fire and good beer in your mug.

Matthew, Katie, Ardie around the Kodiak Campfire

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