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Blast from the Past!

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on April 13, 2012 by cjracer

Stumbled upon this tonight.

Fun report from a fellow rider, Paul, that we met on the road.


•Tophotography• A Photography Exhibit

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011, CJ Designs Events on February 24, 2012 by mdfehrmann

Five Cleveland photographers offer personal experiences of landscape-near, far, and along the way.

Matthew Fehrmann -On May 15th I threw a leg over my KTM 950 Adventure and set off for Alaska seeking the most deserted back roads and trails to get there.  Over the next 17,000 miles I visited 17 states, 3 provinces, rode on Kodiak Island, stuck my feet in the Arctic Ocean and crossed North of the Arctic Circle twice before heading south to Mexico for a taco.  These were only some of the destinations but it was the space in between that was important for me, these images represent those spaces, where we camped, the roads we traveled, and the vast country that exists if you are willing to try and get there.


Good times

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on February 20, 2012 by kjkalfas

I was just looking through some of the photos from Alaska and came across this one.  One thing that I have always enjoyed a lot about bike trips is coming to the campsite and hanging out around the campfire.  Especially fun with some good food on the fire and good beer in your mug.

Matthew, Katie, Ardie around the Kodiak Campfire

WARN XT17 Portable

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011, Product Updates on August 21, 2011 by mdfehrmann

Piece of mind with Warn!  A product we use, carry, and rely on while on the trail.  Not only is having a XT17 on board comforting in the event you get in a tight spot on the trail where muscling the bike free is not an option it also provides you an opportunity to see place others have not as was the case in northern Montana earlier this year.  We used the the Warn XT17 to pull across a closed section of trail due to some earlier avalanche slides and keep on riding.  This section of trail was one of the highlights of 17,000 mile trip and so worth it.  Check out the video we shot about our experience posted on Warn’s blog.  Look for more information to follow we have been using and demoing it fellow riders in the past month since returning from our trip.

A few additional things about the system that can be very useful to know.  On our Alaska to Mexico trip we had two bikes wired to run the winch and the third was hard wired with the same power plug, with this set up we were able to jump start any of our bikes with the same Warn power lead that ran the winch.  The two bikes that were wired with the winch controllers would have to push the “In / Out” button to open the relay in the system but this worked like a charm when we had an alternator failure in the middle of nowhere.

More information to follow in the next few days.


Jasper Banff and the CDT

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on July 27, 2011 by mdfehrmann

As we descended out of the great north it was nice to finally start having sun sets but we had to start planning our days better and getting on the road earlier in the day.  When there is 24/7 of light you sort of loose track of the days, the times, “Is this a week day…what day is this?”

Waterproof boots are fantastic until the water is too deep then they become buckets on your feet

Mobil Office

Headed into Jasper via some high speed dirt

Hello tourist town, oh ya is Canada Day weekend, fantastic!!!

Entering the park was like walking into a freezer, the temps here were all over the place

Here is why, BIG chunks of old ice left laying around everywhere

Time for a new shield, this one is very hard to see from even when clean

Illegal fire…This place said it was illegal to pick up firewood from the woods

even the stuff already on the ground, this we thought was ridiculous.

We are getting closer and closer to the US border, won’t be long now.

Canada is nice but we were ready for less expensive fuel, food, and drinks for sure.

Canada you sure are dear!

Back to the Blog

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on July 22, 2011 by mdfehrmann

After several days or weeks by now we finally have internet and cell service.  Funny how the woods and sides of the trails don’t offer internet or WiFi and my tent is missing the electrical plug.  I’m happy they don’t so don’t get any ideas, being unconnected is awesome and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

In Dawson City we met some cool cats from Australia that were riding from Deadhorse to the tip of South America.  Campbell and Jock are riding for a cause and they have set up a blog and website all about their ride.  We had the chance to cover some ground with them for a couple days, and met them again further down the trail as well.  Check out their site for their plans.

Headed down to the Canol Road which was an awesome, hardly talked about, stretch of dirt.

Stopped in Faro an old mining town for lunch.

The motor was still warm in this truck but there must have been someone there to help before we got there since it was deserted.

Campbell and his DR650 on the Canol

It’s a long way down from here

The road is beautiful



From Chicken to Eagle and The Top Of The World Highway

Posted in Alaska Trip 2011 on June 28, 2011 by mdfehrmann

Some fantastic roads are found here you must ride them so take notes, load up the dual sports, and get here asap.  We have passed the 9000 mile mark on the trip and as we roll on the throttle for the next couple days I’m guessing we won’t have too much time for posting so I will get us a little closer up to date with some pictures from the past couple weeks.

Welcome to Chicken Alaska


The road to Eagle was fantastic, mountain passes, cliffs, rock slides, and all dirt.  At the end of the road you find Fort Egbert and the Yukon River.  We had been told it would take 4 hours each way to Eagle, it was currently 6pm and we looked at each other, it’s only 95 miles or dirt this sounds like a challenge.  4 hours later we rolled back into Chicken, we did have to stop and take some photos along the way or we would have made much better time.


Want to feel like you are on the top of the world?

Top Of The World Highway



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